Success Demands Cooperation

Welcome to Amazing Staff. We are a commercial consulting firm specializing in Virtual Business Administration. Discover the benefits of having the resources and support of an entire community of Certified Virtual Professionals® worldwide on your side. Services perfectly scaled and custom tailored to satisfy the specific needs of your business and on your budget.


Leading the Charge

We are innovating the next generation in Virtual Staffing advancement. Take this opportunity to see what it’s like working with the ONLY qualified 

Certified Virtual Professionals our CVPs™. 

  • Business Administration Experts
  • Complete Implementation
  • Executive Level Quality
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Proven Results
  • Reliable – 24/7 - 365
  • Secure & Confidential
  • Startup Specialists
  • Ultimate in Efficiency
  • Virtual Office Support Solutions

We support:
Cloud Solutions
Google Applications
Micrsoft Suite of Applications


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At Your Disposal Executive Leader / Project Manager CVPs

Every client receives a designated Executive Leader that has extensive training and experience in all aspects of business administration necessities. They have proven expertise in successful Virtual Staffing implementation. They will get to know you personally and be directly available to you as your one point of contact here at Amazing Staff. They can also coordinate with any designated members of your current team. They will provide a:

  • FREE Introductory Consultation
  • FREE Needs Evaluation Analysis
  • FREE Recommendation Report
  • FREE Project Plan of Attack


They will be in charge of the entire project resulting in flawless execution. Together they will help youTogether they will help you negotiate the contract process, coordinate and delegate tasks to expertly trained CVP members. They then supervise every project for timeliness and optimum quality from beginning to end ensuring 100% client satisfaction.


Serving Your Needs

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How We Serve

We link Certified Virtual Professionals™ (CVPs) together to form a wide support network with the ultimate goal of spreading our reach to assist entrepenuers and businesses achieve cost effective, optimum growth, increased performance and flexibility unmatched in the industry.


We Support

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Lending a Hand

All people may be created equally, but not everyone has the same level of training, education or experience. We encourage an environment of mutual support.

Ultimate Flexiblity

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Adjustable Rate Policies

Plans Crafted Per Project 

Easy Contract Extensions

Variable Rate Options


Expert” pay for the expertise

Intermediate” knowledge and value

Entry Level” beginner


Access to our members in the 

U.S. & Worldwide.

No payroll, payroll taxes, benefits or lengthy time investments while utilizing our CVP members. We are simply

a professional business expense.



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Taking Pride

Our CVP's have their personal reputation on the line. We encourage members to take pride in every work project or job they commit to as if their name is at stake because it is!

Certified Virtual Professionals - CVPs!

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We are currently accepting new members into our cooperative. If you have experience and/or training in the fields of administrative support, business services, customer service, or writing feel free to apply for membership today! There are only a limited number of new memberships available each year, so don't waste another minute! 

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