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The Seeds of a Global Community

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ur Collaborative Cooperative is a grassroots effort to diversify the field of virtual staffing innovation by empowering Certified Virtual Professional (CVPs) from all fields to come together on a level playing field to research and build what inspires them. 

With professional quality certifications, training, and specialized support. Amazing Staff acts as a conduit for the creative energy that usually goes to waste in a traditional business environment.

I am a text block. Click on me to drag me around or click a corner handle to resize me. Click the settings icon (it's the left one, looks like a cog) to change this text. You can type new text into me or cut and paste text from somewhere else. Click outside of me when you're done and any changes will be saved.

But it's more than just a place to work on your dream-projects. Amazing Staff connects you to other administrative professionals, researchers, designers, and engineers with community programs and symposiums. Find a mentor, take a pupil under your wing, or just meet with your collegues to discuss your work. We ferverently encourage all of our members to interact and share with one another freely and actively. By linking together as many independant professionals as possible, we hope to broaden the horizons of what is possible and bring together a global community based on the love of innovation.

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