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Company & Financial 


Profit & Loss Statement - Shows money you earned (income) and money you spent (expenses) so you can see how profitable you are. Also called an income statement.


Balance Sheet - Lists what you own (assets), what your debts are (liabilities), and what you’ve invested in your company (equity).


Statement of Cash Flows - Shows cash generated by your business (operating activities), cash spent on your business (investments) and cash in or out from stock and dividends (financing).



A/P Aging Summary - Shows unpaid bills for the current period and for the last 30, 60 and 90+ days so you can see how long they’ve been open (outstanding).

A/R Aging Summary - Shows unpaid invoices for the current period.

Custom Reports - Not seeing the service or report you need - we will custom tailor one to fit the specific needs of your unique business.


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